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Human Resources play a pivotal role in the talent management agenda within our clients organisations, through the identification and management of internal talent pools and talent development initiatives that support their organisational and people strategies.


As the competition for top external talent continues, the recruitment focus has shifted to that of a passive candidate audience in order to identify and secure the best talent in the market.


As such, an increasing number of our clients are using relationship-based sourcing techniques to engage with talent external to their organisations who have been identified as having the required leadership and technical skills to fill their immediate business critical positions, newly created positions or predicted future talent requirements.


We support our client’s relationship based sourcing strategies in the mapping of external talent pools via our Talent Mapping Service.


The Talent Maps we produce are bespoke, agreed in consultation with our clients and ultimately owned by our clients.


There are many benefits associated with our Talent Mapping service, including reliable and sustainable access to top external talent, reduced agency reliance and therefore costs, improved quality and time to hire.

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